A tool for surprisingly deep team meetings.

Re-Discover the Adventure in working together

In today’s remote working world, it is a challenge to maintain engaging and meaningful interactions within teams. The routing of remote work can often feel draining, with online meetings becoming a monotonous and uninspiring part of our daily lives.

Odyssey of Work.Life (OoWL) is designed to rekindle the adventure in working together. It facilitates deep, reflective conversations among team members, allowing them to look back on their projects and experiences. This fosters personal connections and a deeper understanding of one another. The idea is to turn the mundane into something extraordinary, transforming the way remote teams communicate and collaborate.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the IDiA Kickstarter Program at HTW Berlin. It is being developed in cooperation with Amadeus Hoffmann.

How it works

It begins with team members answering a short questionnaire, which tailors the session to the unique dynamics of the team. This personalised moderation ensures that no two sessions are alike, offering a fresh and engaging experience each time.

The OoWL then guides teams through a series of activities and discussions, encouraging them to reflect on their previous projects, discuss what worked and what didn’t, and share personal insights.

OoWL is for any remote team looking to break free from the monotony of typical online meetings and seeking to build a stronger, more connected work culture.