Our favourite future:s

Co-Creating Visions for a Desirable Tomorrow

Come and travel into your favourite version of tomorrow.

In a world faced with uncertainty and complex challenges, Our Favourite Future(s) is a workshop designed to harness the power of speculative design and futures thinking. Co-developed with Lena Jacobi, this workshop offers a creative platform for participants to explore, envision, and co-create their ideal futures.

Utilizing methodologies like design thinking and systems thinking, the workshop guides participants through a process of analyzing current trends and signals. This sets the foundation for imagining and articulating diverse yet harmonious visions of the future. Participants embark on individual and collective journeys into their ideal futures, fostering deep reflection and imaginative exploration.

The workshop culminates in a collection of shared visions for desirable futures. These visions not only reflect the aspirations of the participants but also serve as a catalyst for understanding our present world more deeply and identifying paths towards positive change. Our Favourite Future(s) is more than a workshop; it’s a movement towards co-creating futures that resonate with our deepest hopes and values.

The workshop made its debut at the 3rd Systemic Design Symposium, where it received positive feedback. Building on this success, Lena Jacobi and I recently had the opportunity to share and teach this format to a group of interdisciplinary students at HTW Berlin.